Student Survey Presents: “Dream Destinations”


It’s that time of year Crusaders! Teachers have been piling on the assignments and you can’t keep track of your work. Thankfully, Spring Break is finally here, and boy are we ready to relax! While your perfect vacation plans for spring break might have been put on hold this year due to COVID restrictions, it doesn’t hurt to dream. For our March Student Survey, we asked you: “If you could travel anywhere in the world, completely for free, where would you go?” Here are some of your answers!


  • Egypt – Christopher Dougherty (9)
  • Japan – James White (9), Lily Budke (9), Egan Mendia (12), and Christian Azqueta (11)
  • Hawaii – Sydney Runk (10) and Steven Hammond (11)
  • Greece – Amanda Golson (12) 
  • Puerto Rico – Raul Ocasio-Samo (11)
  • Switzerland – Gabi Osorio (11)
  • Bora Bora – Skyler White (12)
  • Paris – Leah Krawczuk (9), Payton O’Bryan (11), and Gabby Maione (11)
  • Italy – Lauren Slater (9), Siam Alisetti (9), Bailee Lizza (11), and Mary Giacoma (10)
    • More specifically, Venice – Gabby Treutle (11) and Milan – Jamis Bornschein (11) 
  • Australia – Louise Collet (12)
  • South Africa – Lynn Exantus (11) and Rose-Noreen Stimphil (12) 
  • Madrid – Caroline Hart (9)


Thanks for your participation in this month’s student survey! If your answer hasn’t been featured, we just want you to know that we appreciate your input and hope to include an answer from you next time! Enjoy your spring break, Crusaders, and stay safe!


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