What Did You Do Over Christmas Break?


On a relaxing winter break, many Newman students participated in many interesting activities:

Lena Turpen – “I traveled with my family to Tennessee.” (Ninth Grade)
● Brittney Stern – “I traveled to New York and saw BeetleJuice on Broadway with friends.”
(Tenth Grade)
● Riley Gorman – “I relaxed at home,” (Ninth Grade)
● Charlie G – “I worked with my older brother for the first week and then went skiing in
Utah.” (Tenth Grade)
● Aidan Fleming – “I spent time with family and friends over the holidays.” (Tenth Grade)
● Andrew Signorelli – “I went to Orlando and Atlanta for a basketball tournament.”
(Eleventh Grade)

● Ava Sadler – “I spent time with family and friends while celebrating Christmas and my birthday and then got my driver’s license!” (Tenth Grade)
● Nicole A. – “I went skiing in Washington on Crystal Mountain.” (Tenth Grade)
● Dallas – “My Christmas break was pretty good. I worked out whenever I could and
practiced for my band solo. I also just chilled with my family half the time, it’s nice to
have some family bonding every once in a while.” (Eleventh Grade)
● Grace Favole – “I renovated a room with my friends.” (Tenth Grade)
● Patrick Zele – “I honestly didn’t do anything.” (Tenth Grade)
● Izzy Herlong – “I spent my time with my family up north.” (Tenth Grade)
● Katie S. – “I spent time with my family from Rhode Island. We climbed the Jupiter
Lighthouse. I volunteered at a sports camp which teaches young kids how to play sports.”
(Tenth Grade)
● Ana Palumbo – “Oh I went to New York to visit my brother where I saw Six the musical,
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the Rockettes, and then we went ice skating where I
saw Brit, Sasha, and Lily which was not planned.” (Tenth Grade)
● Hailey Endler – “I went to my grandparents house to hangout and eat dinner with my
family.” (Tenth Grade)
● Camden Sevald – “I skied at Keystone in the Rocky Mountains. Lots of nice powder and
great runs.” (Tenth Grade)
● Lucas Falcone – “I hung out with family and friends, played a lot of golf and soccer, and worked a lot” (eleventh grade)