What did you do this summer?


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On their two months off from a busy school schedule, Cardinal Newman students participated in many interesting activities across the globe.


  • “I went to Med Camp at UNC where I learned different medical procedures like CPR.” -Izzy Herlong (10th Grade)


  • “I caught snook, tarp, and jack.” -Timmy Sharkoff (10th Grade)


  • “I went to the Keys and learned how to wind sail.” -Jill Parker (10th Grade)


  • “My travel basketball team went to Kansas City, Indiana, West Virginia, and Atlantis.” -Andrew Signorelli (11th Grade)


  • “I traveled to England and Ireland.” -Lucas Falcone (11th Grade)


  • “I went to a movement camp at Christ Fellowship.” -Josue Martinez (12th Grade)


  • “I did a lot of traveling to places on earth.” -Charlie Moran (10th Grade)


  • “I went to the Bahamas and a movement in Mill Creek, West Virginia.” -Gracie Favole (10th Grade)


  • “I went to Maine.” -Kiley Knapp (10th Grade)


  • “I went to Iceland and New York.” -Brittney Stern (10th Grade)


  • “This summer I went to Disney with my family and had a great time!.” -Hailey Taylor (10th Grade)


  • “I visited Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.” -Charlie Guzemano (10th Grade)


  • “I went to Italy.” -Alessia Essina (11th Grade)


  • “I met a foreign exchange student from France” -Anonymous 10th Grader


  • “I went to New York.” -Michelina Hoybach (10th Grade)


  • “I went lobster diving in Key West.” -Anjolie Boyd (10th Grade)


  • “I went to Lebanon and London.” -Mariela Rick (11th Grade)


  • “I went to Canada to visit my family.” -Hailey Endler (10th Grade)


  • “I played basketball.” -Johnny Mennes (10th Grade)


Even though you may now be facing the stress of a lot of school work and responsibilities, don’t forget to live your life a little and bring back some of that summer fun!