What are your Plans for Halloween?


For this months Halloween survey we asked the students of Cardinal Newman High school what there plans were for the big day. Here are their responses:

Ceci Devine (9) : watch a scary movie 

Arianna Zaragoza (10) : Going to neighbors house

Elijah Phillips (9) : Stay at home and eat cookies 

Tyler Curtis (10) : Going to a party

Daniela Valdes (10) : Going to parties 

Gianni Serrano (9): Going to Miami to be with cousin 

Alexia Cataltamo(9): Watch Halloween Movie with friends 

Grace Molina (9) : Going to a party

Alondra Sara (9) : Hanging out with friends 

Graciela Barr (11) : Stay home and watch a scary movie

Inaya Dumer(10) : Hand out candy 

James Tylke (10) : Be with friends 

Ethan Early (9) : Eat candy with friends 

Katie Fishman (9) : Going to a party 

Saoirse O’Connell (9) : Going to a party

George Weston (9) : Going to fright nights 

Caitlyn Lynskey-Lake (9) : Dressing up with friends

Leah Heal (9) : Trick or treating

Vanessa Fisher (11) : Nothing 

Kate Rooney (12) : Dressing up as Cinderella 

Mia Parispleti (12) : Dressing up as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader 

Lena Turpen (9) : Going over to a family members house