Valentine’s Day Edition Student Survey!


Hey Crusaders! Welcome back to another survey. This month the question answered was “What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy and why?” Here are some of the responses we received: 

  1. Grace George: “Pink Publix sugar cookies because they are soft and yummy.” 2. Joseph Ilcus (11th): “Twizzlers because they are red.” 
  2. Maggie Acosta (12th): “Reeses because I love peanut butter.” 
  3. Mrs. Flannery: “Chocolate covered strawberries because they are delicious” 5. Jaiden (9th): “Hersheys because I love chocolate.” 
  4. Nehelee (10th): “The chocolates with the marshmallows inside because the marshmallows are soft and the chocolate is delicious!” 
  5. Mrs. Gibson: “Hoffman’s chocolate because it is so good!” 
  6. Izzy Herlong (9th): “Watermelon sour patch kids because I love watermelon!” 9. Miae Canals (9th): “Reeses cups because I love peanut butter.” 
  7. Hannah (9th): “A box of chocolates because it’s so exciting and surprising!” 11. Matthew Cadet (10th): “Haribo Gummy bears because I really like gummy bears.” 12. Nehelee Theliard (10th): “The chocolates with the marshmallow inside because the marshmallow is soft.’ 
  8. Isabella Zanni (11th): “Chocolates because it is really sweet and tastes good.” 14. Arlen Gay (10th): Dove chocolate because it is sweet, original, and has notes with each piece.” 
  9. Marley (9th): “Fun Dip because its fun to eat and tastes good.” 
  10. Katie McCabe (11th): “Mott’s gummies because the people that eat them are the best.” 17. Jack Monteiro (11th): “Sweet hearts because it’s the only one I can think of.” 18. Tucker Cosby (11th): “Skittles because they are good.” 
  11. Alesia Prenda (12th): Reeses cups because my mom always got them for me when I was little.” 
  12. Marcello Fiorentino (9th): “Sweet hearts because they taste good.” 

Thank you to those of you who participated in this survey and I hope you guys had an amazing Valentine’s Day! See you for the next survey!