CN Blue & Gold



The Cardinal Newman Blue & Gold Student-Run Newspaper was established in 2018 by Sophomore Student Christopher Mee.


The mission of the Blue & Gold is to exercise ethical and responsible journalism while providing Cardinal Newman High School students with a contemporary source of school-wide local news. At all times, the Blue & Gold will strive for responsible, fair, objective, honest and accurate news reporting. The Blue & Gold will be an independent news source provided by the students and intended for the Cardinal Newman students.  The Blue & Gold will strive to follow the values outlined in the NSPA Model Code of Ethics for High School Journalists.


The primary goal of the Blue & Gold is to dutifully inform the news to the student body at Cardinal Newman High School. The secondary goal of the Blue & Gold is to participate and enter award-winning journalism pieces for the Excellence in High School Journalism Awards, organized by the Palm Beach Post.

Cardinal Newman High School's Online Student Newspaper