Athlete Spotlight: Katherine McCabe – Cross Country Runner


Katherine McCabe, a sophomore runner on the cross country team, wraps up an amazing season and points out the highlights of this year. Katherine McCabe played a vital role on the team and has won many of her meets. Staff writer Diana Sentowski sat down to speak with the star runner herself in this exclusive interview. 


CN Blue and Gold: What did you enjoy most out of this season?


Katherine: Cross country has given me a lot of opportunities. Opportunity to get better, push myself, and learn the importance of mental strength. Running brings me a sense of freedom, so just being able to go out and run everyday was the most enjoyable part of the season.


CN Blue and Gold: How did you perform this season?


Katherine: I ran my pr (personal record) this year, however, my average times were not exactly what I had wanted them to be, but hard work will get me to those higher goals.


CN Blue and Gold: What was your best race this year?


Katherine: My best race this year was the first race at Newman due to the adrenaline I felt by racing at my own school. It really pumped me up for a good race.


CN Blue and Gold: Were there any mishaps or injuries this season?


Katherine: I’ve had a problem with my knee since last season so a couple times it acted up this season. But overall, I’m very lucky to have stayed away from any very bad injuries.


CN Blue and Gold: What has motivated you to continue cross country?


Katherine: Originally, I started cross country to condition for basketball. However, my coach convinced me into pursuing cross country. Especially because running is so good for the body, I love the feeling during and after a good run.


CN Blue and Gold: What is the best part of this season? 


Katherine: Honestly, the best part of the season was bonding with my teammates and just enjoying the season with them. The team had great chemistry, so it was really nice to go through the highs and lows together.