Football Coach Fusca Discusses “What Makes A Good Player” and More in Sports Interview

Dive into this brand new football interview featuring Coach Fusca! Learn all about what it takes to make successful players and team!


Crusaders v Benjamin Game

This past week, sports writer Michael Koppelmann interviewed football Coach Fusca with a series of questions regarding his plan the teams success. 

How do you keep your player motivated? 

“Try to make things fun and make them better than they were last week.” 

 What’s your expectations for this week’s game?

Coach responds, “To try to get better from last week.” 

 What’s your Coaching Style?

 “Old School.” 

 What makes an excellent football player?

Coach Fusca responds, “Coachability, dependable, and always available for anything in the game or available for practice.” 

The Cardinal Newman JV football team started their season off with a bang as they came back to win 32-28 against the hated rivals of Kings Academy on September 2nd. They looked strong and fast considering a lot of the players are freshmen which can build a new generation of high school players. They played at Benjamin on September 9th and looked convincing in a 16-7 win. Considering the second COVID-19 plagued season the Cardinal Newman JV Football team looks touted to play almost any team in Palm Beach County. These young freshmen players look determined and hungry to play almost any team they face. 

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