March Sports Interviews


Hello Crusaders! Our boys lacrosse team had been doing extremely well this season and the Senior Captain Kristian Strong was interviewed by the Blue and Gold to give advice on how underclassmen should prepare for college recruitment and how the team has been achieving this success!
Question: What would you say is the most important aspect of being a captain?
– The most important aspect is being a role model for the team. Not only on the field, but in the classroom and in life in general. Helping out the younger guys or the new guys is
massive. Bringing up the younger generations and hopefully being an example both
verbally and physically is super impactful.
Question: How has the lacrosse team progressed this season?
– I think that we’ve had a lot of people develop into better players and people so far. This has been the best year of boy’s lacrosse in Newman history and I think that it is largely due to several guys progressing a lot this year.
Question: What is your favorite part of lacrosse?
– My favorite part is the team. Whether I’m playing bad or good, I know that I always have
the sideline and my teammates there for me. Coach Cam is a huge part of that as well. None of this would be possible without him and we all love him.
Question: As a highschool senior, are you looking to get recruited for lacrosse?

– I hadn’t played in 2 years and it never was truly my love, but now that I’m playing and rekindling my love for it, I am now exploring all options. I have already had a couple schools reach out for it as well.
Question: Are there any tips you would give underclassmen to prepare for college recruitment? – I would say to be annoying. Don’t stop emailing, texting, tweeting, or anything. You need
to get yourself in front of the couches and make sure that they are watching. You may not always have people on your side in the recruiting process, so do everything you can.