The History of Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the late middle ages and originated in Europe, thanks to the Roman Catholic Church. Nowadays, it is enjoyed worldwide, and it’s especially popular in the United States. Initially, the celebration of Valentine’s Day surrounded the pagan festival of Lupercalia. However, it wasn’t until the middle ages when the holiday incorporated the importance of love. Historians are not sure which St. Valentine the holiday is linked to, contributing to a sense of mystery surrounding the celebration.
Furthermore, the tradition of sending love notes dates back to 1415, when Charles, the Duke of Orleans, sent a note to his wife as he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Moreover, the love angel, Cupid, is a direct descendant of the Greek God of love, Eros. These various traditions and beliefs continue to impact people on the Holiday of Love across the globe.
Nowadays, many people separate this special day with their loved ones in many different ways with their own unique traditions. Usually, when you hear about Valentine’s Day, you think

about chocolates, flowers, and other things surrounding the idea of love. Many people celebrate with a special dinner or small get together with loved ones. Sometimes, people don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Valentine, but with their friends or family. There is also an idea called ‘Galentine’s Day’ when girlfriends celebrate with each other if they are single. Sometimes, you can just have a friend-Valentine’s Day when you can celebrate the love with your friends. This is a staple tradition in the U.S., but other countries celebrate in their own ways. For example, in the Philippines, they have a gala event. In Brazil, they have a special lovers day. In Estonia, they have a Festival for everyone so they can all celebrate and share the love together! It makes sense that different people have different traditions for Valentine’s Day, considering that not all people are in relationships. There’s no reason why someone shouldn’t express their love for the people in your life, no matter what ties them together.