Where in the World Have Our Students Been?

In this segment of our Back-to-School special read all about where our students traveled this summer!


Welcome back Crusaders! Our staff of writers, and editors all hope you had a healthy, fun, and relaxing summer. As we all know, summer vacation is a great way to spend time with friends, family, pets, sleep in, go to the beach, take on a new project or two, and of course, travel! Many of our Cardinal Newman students got to travel to some amazing places around the country, and even the world! Through a student run survey we asked our students and teachers, “Where in the world have you been this summer?!”

Let’s check out some of their responses…

  • Mrs. Granados, a science teacher, says she traveled to Sanibel, Florida which is located on the west coast of the state. A great place to check out tons of marine life and find tons of sea shells! 
  • Senior Gabriella Treutle took a road trip to visit Nashville, Tennessee and Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Senior Ismael Alvarez visited Sarasota, Florida as well as Nashville, Tennessee!
  • Sophomore,  Kendall,  went to Daytona Beach with the Cardinal Newman Varsity Cheer Team to participate in the UCA cheer camp!
  • Junior Katherine Mccabe visited the Grand Canyon!
  • Senior Karla Rodriguez went to Korea! 
  • Senior Julia Schnider traveled to New York, New Jersey, Indiana, and North Carolina! 
  • Senior Nicole Poulin traveled to Vermont and Boston!
  • Senior Maria Navarro-Torre visited Miami Beach, Florida!
  • Junior Ashely Sumi and Diana Sentowski visited Asheville, North Carolina!
  • Junior Martin Mennes spent some time at Key Biscayne!
  • Sophomore Sydney Runk went to Cancun!
  • Freshman Grant Straub went to Georgia and South Carolina for baseball!
  • Junior Checory Bouie went to Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Washington DC for basketball!
  • Sophomore Alejandra Acero went to Columbia!
  • Senior Alessia Prenda visited the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas!
  • Senior Bridget O’Neill took a trip to Ireland! 
  • Senior Alison Dean went to Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana!
  • Senior Mitchell Shaw and Nicolas Burke visited New York!
  • Senior Christopher Rexach visited Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New York!
  • Senior Michelangelo Gallo went to Nashville!

Our Crusaders certainly were busy this 2021 summer and covered tons of territory! All the way from our lovely Florida homes to all across the globe! Time to start the countdown to next summer to find out where it will take us next!

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Stay groovy Crusaders.