Student Survey Presents: “What Are Crusaders Thankful For?”


Happy Turkey Day, Crusaders!
It seems crazy to think that 2020 is almost over, but man are we ready for it! This year has been crazy, and Thanksgiving marks the end of the 11th month of the year. Before we know it, Christmas Break will be over and 2021 will begin. We know that many of you are being swamped with assignments during this time of year, so we hope that this Thanksgiving-themed Student Survey will give you an excuse to take a break and destress. For this Student Survey, CN Blue and Gold asked: “What is something that you are thankful for?” Here are some of our favorite (and most popular) responses:
● My family – 11 students chose this answer
● The bros – William Moore (12), Nicolas Estrada (12), and Luigi de Cárdenas (12)
● My dog – Makayle Rutledge (10) and Lily Petitti (12)
● Food – Kendal Perry (10)
● Humor – John Paul Condic (11)
● Music – Matthew Martin Jr. (11)
● God/Faith – Andrew Shiell (9), Jackson Hayes (9), and Diego Henkle (9)
● Sports – Joseph Flynn (10) and Christell Mentor (12)
● Harry Styles – Lily Wise (10)
● My life – Abby Lessard (10)
● My health – Romina Mingenti (10)
● Asian food (and friends) – Gabby Maione (11)
● Mr. Bayardelle – Amanda Golson (12)

● Summer – Kiera Thompson (11)
We love your participation in our Student Surveys! While we can’t always showcase every great response, we usually like to dedicate a section to the top 3 funniest responses. Here they are:
– 1st place goes to Amanda Kondrath (11) – Saito’s Fried Rice
– 2nd place goes to Katherine McCabe (10) – Shrek (again)
– 3rd place goes to Manheeca Lucas (12) – Sleep
Thanks so much for your support, we really love that you all seem to enjoy our Student Surveys, as we enjoy making them. Stay tuned for the next Survey, and go check out the rest of the website, because we have posted a lot of new articles written by our Staff Writers!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break! Make sure to spend time with your friends and family, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself too! Rest and relaxation are super important during this busy time of year, and your mental health is just as important as your physical health.
Eat lots of food!
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