Student Survey Presents: “If you could be any movie character for a day, which would you be?”

October Edition


It’s spooky season, Crusaders! We’re halfway through October, and Halloween will be here before we know it. On Halloween, we get to take a break from our day to day interactions and pretend to be someone else for one night; while getting candy is definitely the best part of all this, it’s still fun to dress up and put yourself in the shoes of one of your favorite characters. In light of the season, we asked,

“If you could be any movie character for one day, who would it be?”

Here are some of our favorite responses:
● Princess Leia – Alison Dean (11)
● Luke Skywalker – Zach Mattox (12)
● Boba Fett – Connor Sabatello (11)
● Superman – Jack Montero (10), Dylan Sweet (10), Anthony Garcia (10), and Andrew
Serres (10)
● Wonder Woman – Claudgena Alcime (9)
● Thor – Tyler Gagnon (12)
● Iron Man/Tony Stark – Mariela Rizk (9) and John Flynn (12)
● Dr. Strange – Ashley Maradiaga (9)
● Rose from ​Titanic​ – Mary Giacoma (10)
● Sharpay Evans – Lizzie Barnum (11)
● Hermoine Granger – Lauren Slater (9)
● Cedric Diggory – Joseph Ilcus (10)
● Beetlejuice – John Paul Condic (11)

While all of your answers were great, some of them made us laugh pretty hard, so we decided to rank the funniest responses:

1st place– Amanda Golson (12) with Radio Rebel
2nd place– Martin Gonzales (11) with Kowalski from ​Madagascar
3rd place– Ethan McLean (11) and Alexander Brawley (12) with Shrek

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm in regards to these Student Surveys! They have become really popular and we’re so happy to involve the student body in CN Blue & Gold. We aim to spread positivity in these difficult times and to provide a way for everyone to feel heard and recognized. We’ll be back with another Student Survey towards the end of this month, so stay tuned!

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