September 21st: A Song or a Day to Remember?


       Do you remember the 21st night of September? You might, you might not, but the hit song by Earth, Wind, and Fire has been a part of pop culture for almost 45 years now. And throughout those years its popularity has fluctuated but the wo is the rds and the date have remained the same and all the meanings attached as well. 

       But what actually happened on this day, to start let us take a quick look at this day in history for the 21st. The 21st, unfortunately, is plagued with tragedies, specifically a typhoon in 1934 in Japan that killed 3000, and four years later the great hurricane of 1938 landed in New York and still remains the strongest recorded hurricane landfall in New England.  Two impressive American bombers had their Madelin flight on the 21st these being the B-29 super fortress, a vital aircraft in WWII, (1942), and the XB-70 Valkyrie, a bomber able to achieve Mach 3(1964). In the art world, J.R.R’s The Hobbit was published for the first time in 1937 paving the way for the future lord of these rings books and movie and TV franchises. As of this 21st night of September, The Rings of Power TV show is currently airing 85 years later! Stephen King was born in 1947 and Bill Murray in 1950. Both are amazing and pivotal actors and writers respectively. And finally, Sandra Day O’Conner was Approved in 1981 as the first female Supreme Court justice, she often ended up being the swing vote on the Court.

      The song by Earth, Wind, and Fire does not mention any of these, so why is the song about this day? The truth is the songwriters revealed in an interview in 2014 with NPR that there is no meaning, no secret significance, just that out of all the days it sounded the best. This seems like a lackluster answer to a question many may have raised, but there is a solution. There are so many reasons from history why you may want to celebrate the day, but it also could just be a day you celebrate every year with singing and dancing with friends and family. And what more does anybody need?