Lightyear: Steam or Skip?


WARNING: the following article contains major spoilers for the movie “Lightyear”. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and want to avoid spoilers, please refrain from reading this article.

Buzz Lightyear is undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters in Disney history. The skilled, smart-talking space ranger that crash landed in Andy’s room became a household name after Toy Story was released in 1995. When he was first introduced, it was clear that he was completely unaware that he was a toy and acted like a real space ranger.
But what gave him that mindset? Where did this mysterious toy come from?
On June 17, 2022, the origin story of the century finally came to theaters. “Lightyear” is presented as “Andy’s favorite movie” and the reason his mom bought him a Buzz Lightyear in the first place.
The plot of the movie revolves around Buzz Lightyear and his crew mates crashing on a foreign planet and building a new civilization. However, Buzz doesn’t want to settle on the planet, but in order to return home, the crew needs to figure out how to reach hyper speed. Buzz steps up to the challenge, determined to get his crew back home.
However, the crystal he uses to reach hyper speed malfunctions, and Buzz almost gets lost in space. After a (very) close call, Buzz returns to base, only to find that four years have gone by there. His friends grew older, the base grew, and his loyal friend, Hawthorne, got engaged.
While Buzz was gone, Hawthorne left him a little friend: Sox, an adorable robot cat designed to help Buzz with anything he needs. But Buzz doesn’t stay home for long. He asks Sox to figure out how to stabilize the hyper speed crystal, while Buzz keeps attempting to reach hyper speed.
As he keeps trying, time keeps flying by. He watches the colony evolve and watches his friends grow old. Then, after 62 years, Sox creates a stable hyper speed crystal. Using that crystal, Buzz successfully reaches hyper speed, but when he returns, things are very different. The planet is under the control of Zurg, a powerful robotic tyrant, and his robot servants.
With the help of Izzy Hawthorne and her friends, Buzz stops Zurg and restores the peace on the planet.
Based on what I saw, people had mixed emotions towards this movie. Some people loved it, but some hated it. In my opinion, I’d definitely come back to it time and time again.
Lightyear is a big step for Disney, with a diverse cast, lovable characters, and a gripping plot. So, should you stream it or skip it?
In my opinion…stream it!
In conclusion, Lightyear is an out-of-this-world movie that will keep families and entertained to infinity and beyond!