Talent Takes the Stage at the Coffee House Variety Show!


Hey Crusaders! The week before spring break was packed full of fun activities going on throughout the school. One of these was the Coffee House Variety Show, which took place on Thursday, March 10. The event consisted of students, teachers and faculty all performing and showing their different talents to the audience. The show ran from 6:30pm to about 8:00pm and provided audience members with beverages, food, and entertainment. The night started with an exciting comedy performance by Dr. Sinha. His jokes started the night off with a bang and he was followed by a collection of singers, musicians and other acts. The MC of the night was Marty Mennes, who introduced each act with spirit and enthusiasm. Mr. Lower was in charge of the show and did a fabulous job at organizing and planning the setup of the food, beverages, seating and performances of the night. After a few acts the intermission gave guests the opportunity to grab some water, coffee, or cookies that were being served. The final performance of the night was the song “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”, played on the piano. During this song each performer came on stage and were either singing and dancing along or playing their instruments alongside. This final act allowed for a joyful and lively end to a successful night. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers helping throughout the night for making this show possible and a big applause to all the performers who decided to share their amazing talents with everyone at Newman.