Spooky Season Student Survey: “Which Halloween Film Would You Be In?”


Happy October, Crusaders! 

Welcome back to another student survey. It’s that eerie time of year again! Last year you were asked, “If you could be any movie character for a day, which would you be?” So for this year’s October Student Survey, we asked you: “If you could be in a Halloween film, what would it be and why?” Here are some responses we received! 

Grace George (9th Grade): “Coco, I want to be a skeleton.” 

Celine Singh (10th Grade): “Us, to scare people with themselves” 

Michael Colella (9th Grade): “Huber Halloween, because it’s an Adam Sandler movie.” 

Katie McCabe (11th Grade): “Ghostbusters, so that I can bust some ghosts.” 

Walter Pfaffenberger (12th Grade): “Friday the 13th, because I enjoyed the movie.” 

Brian Leebove (12th Grade): “Scooby-Doo, I want to be in that movie because they eat a lot of food (specifically Scooby Snacks).” 

Max Gonzalez (9th Grade): “The Conjuring, so I can beat the evil nun.”

Gracie Favole (9th Grade): “Hocus Pocus, because I’m a witch, and I know it.” 

Miae Canales (9th Grade): “Spookley the Square Pumpkin, because in the future I would love to be a pumpkin.” 

Henry Uible (11th Grade): “Nightmare Before Christmas, because I want to be friends with Jack Skeleton.”

Parker Meranda (10th): “Chucky, so that I could throw him.” 

Vanessa Fisher (10th): “Halloween, because it is a classic movie and the 1980’s seems like a fun time period.” 

Lucas Falcone (10th): “Friday the 13th, because it would be fun to have to run around and stay alive.” 

Thank you all for your participation in this month’s survey! We look forward to hearing more responses in the future. Be sure to tune in next month for your next student survey.

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