All You Need to Know for Back-to-School Time

Read all about the favorited school tips and tricks coming from a senior!


Welcome to another school year, Crusader! Starting a new school year can sometimes feel stressful, whether it be from the workload or the disorganization. Here are some helpful back to school tips and tricks that may just steer your school year in a much better direction! 

To start, organization is key to making sure you turn that homework assignment on time, or remembering to study for that upcoming exam. It’s best to keep an up-to-date planner, whether it be on your very IPad or in a notebook. Keeping a checkbox of daily assignments will help you remember if you completed that assignment. But how will you get through the school day without the most important meal of the day? That’s why it’s good to plan ahead and make breakfast quick and delicious! A make-ahead breakfast, such as pancakes or breakfast sandwiches, is a timely option that won’t leave you rushing to class in the morning. Lastly, using your class time wisely is crucial to minimizing the amount of homework you have to complete at home. Furthermore, starting assignments early will limit your future stress, and completing your work right before the due date may be forever out of the question. 

What’s more, starting your day with a prayer of thanksgiving will allow for a more fruitful and meaningful day. Reflecting on your day can similarly help improve yourself and the upcoming days ahead. This, along with the rest of the essential back to school tips and tricks, may lead to one of your greatest school experiences and a more positive school year. Wishing you the very best school year, Crusader!