A Crusader Christmas: Favorite Christmas Traditions

Take a look at the many holiday traditions celebrated by our students. We hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.


Christmas has been celebrated annually since 336 A.D. throughout the world. Many are still celebrated today! Christmas traditions have been a part of countless ethnic and cultural celebrations, and give nations a sense of individuality. This December, CN Blue and Gold had the opportunity to interview the student body and faculty about their favorite Christmas traditions. Here’s what they had to say:
1. Kendall P:​ Going to church with family on Christmas Day
2. Arley G: ​Making desserts for the family
3. Gabby M: ​Getting a Christmas tree
4. Bobby H: ​Opening presents on Christmas morning
5. Briana G:​ Spending Christmas Eve with my whole family
1. Sydney S: ​Getting a tree after Thanksgiving Day
2. MJ Hanlon:​ Breakfast after church on Christmas morning
3. Isabel Gonzales:​ Playing music at Christmas masses
4. Alex S:​ Roasting a whole pig on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
5. Joseph Ilcus:​ Receiving and giving presents to family members
1. Payton O:​ Opening gifts on Christmas Morning

2. Amanda Kondrath:​ Dinner with whole family on Christmas Eve
3. Kiera T:​ Staying up late watching Christmas movies throughout December
4. Felicity Meranda: ​Opening gifts on Christmas Eve
5. Martin Gonzales: ​Celebrating with relatives in Tampa
1. Victoria H: ​Baking cookies and playing holiday music on Christmas Day
2. Abraiya E: ​Spending time with family and having a Christmas party with friends
3. Cosimo C:​ Drinking eggnog with family
4. Ella Shatzer: ​Baking cookies on Christmas Eve
5. Isabella Fiorentino:​ Family Christmas Eve brunch
1. Mrs. Rodriguez: ​Loves to celebrate the new years; family time; fills pots of water with
her family and throws them to signal the bad being down with and the start of the New
2. Mrs. Ryan: Being with her family, going to church on Christmas Eve, a big breakfast
with her family in the morning
3. Ms. Gibson: ​Going for a walk on the beach on Christmas Day
4. Mrs. Hendricks:​ Decorating the tree and spending time with family
5. Ms. Holesha: ​Putting up the tree the 1st Sunday after Thanksgiving and watching Veggie
Tales Polish Christmas show