A Positive 2020 – Year in Review

2020 was a unexpected ride with tons of…well…bumps. Newman students took a look at the bright side of things in this end of year student survey.


This year, 2020, was unlike any other. We started off this year on a high note, with great expectations for the new upcoming decade. However, those high hopes only sunk lower and lower as the year progressed, with events ranging from the Coronavirus pandemic to the rising levels of civil and political unrest in the country. This year could easily deemed as the worst year of our lives. However, I would like to look on the bright side and examine the positive things about this year, no matter how little they may be. I have asked some other students to share what made this year bearable for them.
Some people used their time in quarantine to build and better appreciate their relationships with their family and friends.
Alessia Prenda, Grade 11: Because of the fact that people have had to be apart so much in quarantine, a lot of us have learned to better appreciate our relationships and enjoy the time we spend with our friends this year.
Diana Sentowski, Grade 10: This year, even though it has sucked all around, the one positive thing that came out of all the bad was that over these past few months, I have gotten way closer to my family than ever before. Being stuck in our house has made us have more dinners together and overall enjoy each other’s company more. We have spent so much time watching movies and just having good family time that sometimes made us forget of all the bad for just a moment. Overall, even though this year has been terrible, I am grateful that at least one positive thing came out of it which was being able to get closer to my family in many ways.
Nicole Poulin, Grade 11: 2020 was a difficult year in general, but with everything happening in my life I was able to grow closer to my friends. I think many people, including myself, take their friendships for granted, and if this year has taught me anything it’s to value and carefully choose my friendships. I’m so glad to have grown closer with old friends and created new ones, especially those from my IB class.
Others have learned to love and improve their hobbies and skills.
Crede Janson, Grade 10: The year 2020 is probably the most unorthodox year I have ever lived. It was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as travesties all over the world. I personally was able to perfect my tennis game and commit a great deal of time to the sport. Throughout the quarantine, I would play tennis every single day allowing me to become a more developed player. The sport also gave me a new happiness, as I now had something to do every day. I hope to continue progressing in the sport of tennis and I look forward to a return to normal among our communities.
Isabel Gonzales (me), Grade 10: This year was definitely unlike any other, but it wasn’t entirely terrible. I love writing, and I often get inspired by the most random things. I was struggling with writer’s block (also known as a writer’s arch enemy) for a very long time, and I was so wholly

uninspired by everything. This year brought a plethora of new ideas and concepts for me to write about in all of my poems, short stories, and novels. I was able to write so much because the situation was so unique and unlike any other.
Others found happiness in the little things in life.
Gabriella Treutle, Grade 11: This year I was happy to get my drivers license. I am thankful for 2020 because I feel we all got to learn a little bit more about ourselves and possibly discovered some new hobbies. With everyday bustles slowing down around us, I had more time to appreciate being home with my family and pets.
Nathaniel Gonzales, Grade 9: The most positive thing about 2020 is the ability to have a slightly longer summer- the most sleep I’ve had in years.
Regardless how we felt about this year, this year will definitely go down in history. We’ve learned to appreciate the things we’ve taken for granted and some of us gained the opportunity to explore some new activities. Now you can imagine yourself years from now, sitting in a rocking chair, and telling your grandkids about the crazy year of 2020.

Happy New Year everyone, and may 2021 bring new adventures for all of us.