The CN Blue & Gold Declassified Homecoming Week Survival Guide

It’s that time of the year again! Homecoming week is one of the most exciting weeks at Cardinal Newman High school. However, as exciting as it may be, sometimes it can be confusing and stressful to come up with fun outfit ideas. Not to worry, the CN Blue & Gold has you covered with a day-by-day analysis of the different themes and the best tips and tricks for surviving the 2019 homecoming week!

Monday—America In Action!

Today, pull out everything red, white, and blue! For this day, wear anything that you think represents the United States of America! Whether your attire is red, white, and blue, stars and stripes, or a flag, patriotism is sure to abound! Walmart or Target always has American themed wear or you can buy a red shirt, blue bottoms, and white accessories and DIY it. Regardless, make sure to avoid any and all political statements.

Tuesday—Battle of the Bands

Today, students will represent different music genres: Freshman as country, Sophomores as rock & roll, Juniors as disco, and Seniors as hip-hop!

Freshman could dust off an old pair of cowboy boots, jeans, and a flannel. If you are a girl, you could even put your hair in braids. To top everything off, don’t forget your cowboy hat!

Sophomores could don their favorite band t-shirts and pair it with jeans. You can also add accessories such as choker necklaces and studded bracelets!

Juniors could pull out palazzo pants and bootcut jeans. For girls, you could wear metallic palazzo pants, a bright colored button up top, and big hoop earrings. For boys, you could wear bootcut jeans, and a bright button up shirt.

Seniors could look to their favorite rapper’s for inspiration. For example, Travis Scott’s stroworld t-shirt, Kanye West’s Yeezy supply, or team up with a few of your friends and you could imitate a group like the Migos.

Today, all students are invited to sing and dance in the cafeteria. There will be karaoke and a dance competition during both lunches. Each class will get five points for every person who participates. The winner for the karaoke and dance-off contest will be based upon the volume of cheering. The class that wins in each lunch will receive ten points.

Wednesday—Generation Day

Today, students will represent different generations: Freshman as babies, Sophomores as teens, Juniors as adults, and Seniors as senior citizens.

Freshman should look for a vibrant onesie. You can find an adult-sized onesie at your local department store. A onesie with footies makes the perfect baby costume. Try cartoonish patterns such as polka-dot or striped dresses. Complementary accessories include bows, baby rattles, baby bottles, and a pair of brightly colored fuzzy socks. Be sure not to wear inappropriate dress or diapers.

Sophomores can dress how they usually would dress outside of school, so long as attire is appropriate. Remember to avoid boots, slippers, sandals, spaghetti straps, or strapless tops.

Juniors should look no further than their parents for inspiration. Try revolving your attire around a specific career. Be sure to wear neutral colors and conservative footwear. Try a blazer, v-neck sweater, or classic striped Oxford-style shirt. Avoid extremely bright colors and graphic T-shirts.

Seniors should choose clothing that looks worn. Try a comfortable, simple shirt or a sweater that looks hand-knit. Shirts in a muted color or ones with a design including flowers, animals, or other delicate patterns on the chest will enhance the look. Be sure to wear anything that looks like pajamas. Complementary accessories include a scarf around the shoulders and glasses. Find an oversized knit sweater or cardigan to wear over the rest of your outfit. Avoid contemporary styles at all cost!

Today, the community service competition takes place. Each class will be responsible for collecting specific donations for charity. Bring in as many donations as you can to support your class! All donations must be brought to your advisory room. Freshman will be responsible for collecting baby items, Sophomores will be responsible for collecting teen supplies, Juniors will be responsible for collecting adult clothing, and Seniors will be responsible for collecting canned goods. The class that collects the most donations will win twenty points, the class that comes in second will win fifteen points, the class that comes in third will win ten points, and the class that collects the least donations will win five points.

Thursday—Race to Space

Today, pull out anything in your closet that has to do with aliens, space, or sci-fi. For girls, you can wear a galaxy themed top, silver metallic bottoms, and space buns for your hair. If you would like to take it to the next level, you could even imitate Princess Leia. For boys, you could wear an alien or Star Wars t-shirt, green or blue shorts, and light up shoes.

Today, make sure to bring in $2 for the volleyball game which takes place last period! The class that wins the volleyball game is awarded twenty points, the second place class is awarded ten points, the third place class is awarded five points, and no points are awarded to the fourth place class. If the first place team wins against the faculty, they are awarded five extra points.

Friday—Color War

Today is pep rally day, which means every class wears a different color to represent their grade!

Freshman wear neon orange, Sophomores wear neon yellow, Juniors wear neon green, and Seniors wear neon pink. The color section of your local Party City will have many of the items you need to match this theme. They should have t-shirts, shorts, leggings, necklaces, face paint, and more!

Today, Powderpuff and the Hallway Decorating Contest come to a close. In both respective competitions, the first place class receives twenty-five points, the second-place class receives twenty points, the third place class receives fifteen points, and the fourth-place class receives ten points. The grade that collects the most points will be crowned “Champions of the 2019/2020 Homecoming Week” and will be awarded a pajama day each successive quarter.