Strange World: Stream or Skip?


WARNING: the following article contains major spoilers for the movie “Strange World”. If you haven’t
seen the movie yet and want to avoid spoilers, please refrain from reading this article.
On November 23, 2022, the newest addition to Disney’s movie collection made its debut. Strange
World is the heartfelt, action-packed family movie we’ve been waiting for.
The movie follows the Clades, a world-famous family of adventures who can take on any quest, led
by the fearless Jaeger Clade and his son Searcher Clade. Jaeger’s main quest is to cross the
treacherous mountains of Avalonia, a beautiful, lush world where agriculture thrives, farming a
mysterious plant known as Pando. But one day, Jaeger goes missing trying to cross the mountains.
Years later, Seacher starts a family and a successful Pando farm with his wife Meridian and their son
One night, the president of Avalonia, Callisto Mal, tells the Clades that the land is in danger and that
they need Searcher’s help to get to the bottom of the mystery. But while they’re exploring, their ship
crash-lands in a massive, mystical land below Avalonia, a strange world full of colorful plant life and
enchanting (and sometimes dangerous) creatures. While trying to navigate the vast landscape,
Searcher finds Jaeger, his father. With his help, the crew makes it to the heart of Pando. But then,
Ethan and Searcher learn that Avalonia is a living creature, and the strange world they’ve been
fighting against is it’s internal organs. In order to stop the Pando from destroying it, the crew must
turn their entire mission around and save it. Once they save the creature, Searcher and Jaeger repair
their broken friendship, and Ethan stays in the strange world with his friends (and his boyfriend).
Overall, Strange World is a big step for Disney representation-wise. With characters of different
backgrounds, orientations, and sizes, audiences were quite pleased with the outcome of the film
and the diverse cast. And with amazing flora and enchanting fauna, the strange world the lies
beneath Avalonia is sure to leave the whole family captivated.
So, should you stream it or skip it?
In my opinion…stream it!
Grab your trusty remote control, hop onto your couch, gather the whole family, and join the Clades
on a beautiful, and surely strange, adventure you’ll never forget!