Drama Club Cast

Drama Club Cast

Last month, Cardinal Newman’s drama club held auditions for the show, Newsies, taking place April 14th and 15th. The cast list was created by Mrs. Mirabent with the help of various other teachers. It has recently been released as follows:

Jack Kelly – Charlie Gusmano

Crutchie – Lily Monteiro

Katherine Plumer – Petra Sweiss
Davy – Gabriela Miller 

Les – Lilly Budke

Joseph Pulitzer – Henry Uible

Medda Larkin – Sophia Perez

Darcy – Blake Quilleon

Wiesel – Stacy Horace

Bunsen/Teddy Roosevelt – Daylen Jackson

Morris Delancey – Gabrielle-Ange Dantes

Oscar Delancey – Alexis Oms

Seitz/Tommy Boy – Anjolie Boyd

Hannah/Ada – Grace Favole

Snyder – Janelle Williams

Pat – Riley Gorman

Spot Colon – Lucas Hernandez-Trujillo

Dorothy – Nehelee Theliard

Bill – Sogeair Pierre-Gilles

Olive, Buttons, Lead Dancer – Sienna Rubio

Ethel, Jojo, Lead Dancer – Lena Turpen

Race, Lead Dancer – Isabella Zanni

Specs – Catherine Eldred

Romeo, Lead Dancer – Andra Tylke

Albert – Alondra Sara

Cecilia Devine – Newsie 

Joey Uvanile – Citizen of New York. 

The cast will also be assigned various newsboys positions and back up dancers. The drama club invites all to attend the show!