She-Hulk: Stream or Skip?


WARNING: the following article contains major spoilers for the show “She-Hulk”. If you haven’t seen
the show yet and want to avoid spoilers, please refrain from reading this article.
She’s mean, she’s green, and she’s a fighting machine, and a great lawyer! On August 18th, 2022,
Jennifer Walters made her debut in her new live action series, “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.”
Throughout the series, she juggles fighting supervillains, working as a lawyer, finding romance, and
uncovering a secret conspiracy bent on taking her down. The show received mixed reactions
concerning the wild (and, for most people, mind-boggling) season finale, which takes “breaking the
fourth wall” to the next level.
Throughout the series, we’re revisited by some of our favorite MCU characters, including Emil
Blonsky, a.k.a The Abomination, who turned away from the life of crime and helps She-Hulk on both
the physical and emotional battlefield; Matt Murdock, a.k.a. The Daredevil, a blind lawyer who also
quickly falls for Jennifer; and Jennifer’s cousin Bruce Banner, The Hulk himself, who teaches her
how to harness her Hulk abilities. She also faces many villains including Titania, a social media
influencer with superpowers; Leap-Frog, who relies on his super suit to carry out his villainous plans;
and Hulkking, the mastermind behind Intelligencia, a website full of people who want to take down
She-Hulk (and looks uncannily similar to Reddit).
In the first episode, Jennifer is driving with Bruce Banner and gets in a car crash, and her open
wounds are exposed to Bruce’s Hulk blood, turning her into a Hulk. As she starts to explore her new
abilities, she starts using them for her work as a lawyer. But soon after she becomes a popular
superhero, she starts using her new image to find a romantic partner, until she discovers in court
that people only want to see She-Hulk and not Jennifer Walters (ouch).
However, as her amount of fans grows, so does her amount of haters. She discovers an online
group on a website called Intelligencia that wants nothing more than her downfall. But after
uncovering their plan and infiltrating their hideout, things quickly go off the rails. Everyone, including
her rivals, shows up to the fight scene, and as things start to get more and more absurd, she can’t
help but wonder, “this can’t be how the season ends” (her character is more than aware that she’s in
a TV show, adding to the comedy). Then, the real shocker happens.
She-Hulk breaks out of her own TV show, goes to Marvel Studios, and, after a lengthy debate with a
robot, rewrites the ending of her show, making it a lot more sensible (and worthy of a second
For this show, the verdict is: stream it!
In my opinion, She-Hulk is a funny, action-packed adventure with a very interesting plot that’ll keep
everyone on their toes and excited for the second season!
Case closed!