SIX the Musical Review


From October 11 to October 23 the Broadway National Tour of the musical SIX came to the Broward Center in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I was lucky enough to see one of these performances as an audience member. The musical SIX is centered around the six wives of Henry VIII and their individual stories. The plot of the musical has each wife competing to see who had the most tragic life. They do this through song. The musical is 80 minutes long with no intermission making it a quick but exciting performance. 

            The cast consisted of Khaila Wilcoxon playing Catherine of Aragon, Storm Lever playing Anne Boleyn, Jasmine Forsberg playing Jane Seymour, Olivia Donalson playing Anna of Cleves, Didi Romero playing Katherine Howard, and Gabriella Carrillo playing Catherine Parr. The cast and musicians were all ladies and were all outstanding in their roles. Each leading lady conveyed emotion while also keeping the story lighthearted through their ballads. The songs, written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, were factual while also being energetic and fun. This musical is a great watch for any history nerds, as it stays true to what the queens were actually like. Even if you are not a history fan though, you will still have a great time watching since it is so comical. Throughout the performance there are many comedic moments that really make the experience fun. There wasn’t one joke at the performance that I attended that didn’t make the audience laugh. 

           Lastly, this musical is a great show to attend with anyone you know. You could go with family, friends even alone and you would still have an amazing time. Seeing shows live is truly an experience you will never forget, as it is much different than watching the thing you absolutely adore through a screen. The audience is also a huge part of the show. There are a few parts that are interactive and involve the whole crowd which are always the best. I highly recommend seeing this show because it was a great time and had amazing energy throughout.