Homecoming Week


This year’s homecoming week began on Tuesday featuring generation day and a small pep rally where the school auctioned off various seniors to be dressed up to fundraise. In generation day freshman dressed up as babies, sophomores as teenagers, juniors as adults, and seniors as senior citizens.

Wednesday’s theme was college shirt day where you could wear any shirts from any college or university. In addition students were allowed to leave early after partaking in the PSATs. Thursday was Jersey day, allowing students to wear a jersey from their favorite sports team. On Friday the theme showed school spirit with class colors. The assigned class colors were neon orange for freshmen, neon green for sophomores, neon blue for juniors, and neon pink for seniors. At the end of the school day there was a large pep rally which included introducing the homecoming court, multiple games, and fashion club awards. That evening the football team won their homecoming game bringing the Crusaders to another win.

 The homecoming dance took place the following Saturday afternoon. Small snacks, fruit, chips, cookies, Gatorade, soda, water, and chick fil a nuggets were provided to all guests. The music was made up of teen favorites and classic party songs such as the Cupid Shuffle from Cupid, the Wobble from V.I.C., and Crank That by Soulja Boy. A freshman student named Angelo thought it was fun, and a new experience.  Many students stated that this homecoming was a fun and new experience and that they can not wait to attend the next one.