Dr. Savor, Our New Vice Principal


Dr. William Savor was born in Kinston, North Carolina and grew up in the Fort
Lauderdale area. He attended three colleges, giving himself an extremely diverse and thorough education . Initially, he went to Lake Forest College to earn his bachelor’s degree in History and his minor in Education Studies. Dr. Savor then attended Michigan State, where he obtained his master’s degree in Education. Finally, Dr. Savor attended Liberty University where he completed his doctorate in Education.

Dr. Savor has a wife and son, along with two black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In his free time, Dr. Savor enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, golf, watching football and hockey, and spending time with his family. His favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins and his favorite hockey team is the Florida Panthers. Dr. Savor loves everything to do with Star Wars, and “would rather live in a world with Jar Jar than a world with only the Original Trilogy.” He is also a big fan of the Disney animated Robin Hood movie, so whenever he visits Disney, he likes to collect art centered around it. He has one of these paintings displayed in his office.

Dr. Savor loves the environment here at Cardinal Newman. He says, “It’s extremely similar to the environment at Cardinal Gibbons High School,” the school he last taught at. However, Newman’s size, which is about half the size of Cardinal Gibbons, makes the whole student community much closer. Dr. Savor loves the teaching styles, approaches to leadership, and people at Newman. He is glad that this year is off to an amazing start, and hopes to make the rest of the year even better!