The Importance of the Easter Season

Happy Spring Crusaders! 

A few weeks ago, the crusader family came back from celebrating Holy Week and Easter. Many Catholics teach their kids about the Easter Bunny, or egg hunts, and other secular Easter traditions, leading to most kids forgetting what Easter is really about, the death and resurrection of our Lord. 

One of the first days we celebrate is Holy Thursday. On this day, we remember the Last Supper, the meal Jesus had with his apostles before his crucifixion. At this supper, Jesus passed around bread and wine, telling his apostles that it was actually his body and blood. Jesus also announced to his followers that one of them had betrayed him and he would later be executed. Holy Thursday is also the night that Jesus was arrested for blasphemy. While Jesus was praying in the garden, Judas kissed him on the cheek to show the Romans it was Him. They also had a battle where Peter cut off one of the Roman’s ears, and Jesus healed it by simply putting the ear next to his head, and the soldier still arrested him. 

Next, we celebrate Good Friday. This was the day Jesus was crucified. Pontius Pilate allowed the Jews to choose a criminal to be crucified, one being Jesus, the other a murderer. Due to Pilate’s doubts on their decision, he sentenced Jesus to 40 whips on the pillar to make the people feel sympathetic towards him, and possibly change their minds. Next, Jesus was forced to carry his cross to the top of the mountain Golgotha. He was nailed to the cross and was crucified around 3 pm. Our Lord was crucified next to Dismus and Gestas. Before his death, Jesus spoke the famous quote, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” After the Romans concluded that he was officially dead, they took him off the cross and was buried outside of Jerusalem because Jewish law forbade burials inside the city. 

Lastly, we celebrate Easter Sunday. This was the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Mary Magdalene was visiting the Lord’s burial site to anoint his body with essential oils and discovered that his tomb was empty. She ran to the apostles, who were hiding because they feared that they would be crucified next. After Mary told them, they did not believe her, so Peter and John ran as fast as they could and found Jesus standing outside of the tomb, alive. 

If you are one of those people that don’t necessarily put their faith first, hopefully hearing the misery our Lord and savior went through for us will change your mind. Happy Easter and I hope you remember the true meaning of the holiday!