Student Survey: 2022 Spring Break Plans!


Welcome back Crusaders to another survey! This month’s survey was “Plans over spring break.” Here’s a few of the responses we received: 

Katie McCabe (11th): I am going to Ireland! 

Sophia Perez (9th):I will be celebrating my Quinceañera! 

Lily Monteiro (9th): I’m going to see a broadway show with my sister! 

Mrs. Moorman: A lot of home tasks, resting, and planning for the rest of the year. Michelina Hoybach (9th): Going on vacation to the keys! 

Lilly Broglio (10th): Working for my job and visiting my grandparents! 

Kendall Casey (11th): Going on college tours in North Carolina! 

Grace George (9th): Spending time with friends and going to Miami! 

Ava Sadler (9th): Hanging out with my friends and going to the beach! 

Gabriella Treutle (12th): I am flying to Hartford, Connecticut and Washington, D.C.  to look at a few colleges!

Mary Giacoma (11th): I’m going to Miami! 

Brittney Stern (9th): I’m spending time with my friends! 

Marcella Cantiando (12th) I’m just staying home. 

Briseas Ortiz (9th): I’m staying home and spending time with my family. 

Arley Gay (10th): I’m going to be babysitting. 

Andres Valdivieso (9th): I’m going to North Carolina! 

Sydney Runk (11th): I don’t have any plans. 

Mrs. Holesha: Relaxing at home and reading mystery stories! 

Alessia Prenda (12th): Going to Disney and shopping for my prom dress! 

Thank you and I hope you also have something fun planned for this break! Hopefully you can be one of our next participants for next month’s survey! Stay safe everyone and see you in a week! 

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