Crusaders Give Back: Food for Families


Hey Crusaders! Welcome back to another CN Blue and Gold Article. Over the weekend there were a few service events going on for our school. A big one though, was the Cross Catholic Outreach food packing event. Students and staff at Cardinal Newman volunteered to pack meals, (that consisted of: Soy, Beans, Vegetables and Rice), to give out to families in need. The goal for the event was to pack 60,000 meals in one day. Each amount of food was measured to a certain amount, allowing for more bags to be made, while still providing enough food for each family. The volunteers met their goal and the bags are being shipped out soon to help the people that really need it. The service opportunity started at 8:30am on Saturday, February 5 and concluded before noon. There were a total of 14 tables which each had a group of people, all with different jobs, that allowed the packing to go smoothly and efficiently. Some of these jobs included: Measuring the food, holding the bags under the funnel, weighing the bags, sealing the bags and ending with packing the bags into the boxes they would be shipped out in. Mrs. Kleisley was supervising the event and did a very good job at getting the word out and organizing it to be a major success. 

According to the Cross Catholic Outreach website, families in need of food can go for a long period of time without eating and about 16,000 children die from starvation each day. Although the bags that were packed don’t contain a life supply of food, they can allow a family to have clarity for at least one night, knowing that they have something to feed their families that day. World hunger has been on a steady rise, as it is starting to affect a great amount of families around the world. Events like these are important to participate in, as we are all in the battle to prevent world hunger. According to the sign ups, about 250 crusaders participated in the event, and we are extremely proud of everyone who came out to show their support! You can always check the Cross Catholic Outreach website to see any future food packing events they supervise.