Crusader Homecoming Week Costume Contest!

Read all about it to see who our student body voted “best costume” for each day of our homecoming week!


Hey there crusaders! I hope you had an awesome homecoming week and enjoyed all of the festivities presented to you. There were a plethora of exciting activities to participate in, from chalk drawing at lunch to a spikeball tournament after school. Sections of the 100s and 200s hallways were assigned to each grade level for decorations, similar to hallway decorating contests in previous years. This year, however, the competition did not lie in the halls, but in the students’ clothing. 

Students and faculty were encouraged to dress according to various themes over the duration of the four days. Those who showed the most enthusiasm for homecoming week through their costumes were entered as candidates for the Costume Competition hosted by CN Blue Gold! For each day with a themed costume, one or two winners were chosen on our Instagram through polls. Now, without further ado, I am pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Costume Competition – Homecoming Edition!

  • Monday (American Day) – Senior Drew MacMillan
  • Tuesday (Generation Day) – Senior John Paul Condic and Junior Jordan Anderson
  • Wednesday (Hawaiian Day) – Senior Karla Rodriguez
  • Thursday (Class Colors) – Ryan Foderaro

    Interestingly, almost all of our winners were seniors, so I feel the need to make some shoutouts to underclassmen as honorable mentions. 

  • Monday (American Day) Honorable Mention(s): Mia Pariseleti (11) and Natalie Acosta (11)
  • Tuesday (Generation Day) Honorable Mention(s): Lilly Visser (11) 
  • Wednesday (Hawaiian Day) Honorable Mention(s): Sophia Perez (9) and Brandon Brousseau (9)
  • Thursday (Class Colors) Honorable Mention(s): Catherine Eldred (10) and Lilly Broglio (10)

Thank you so much to everyone who dressed up and to all of you that voted! I had a lot of fun talking to different people and getting to know you all better! In all honesty, I was surprised and filled with pride to see the sheer volume of students that gave it their all this year. These are the things that you will remember from high school — not the 60% you earned on a spanish quiz or whether a vending machine gave you your quarter back — the camaraderie, the laughter-filled lunches with your friends, and whether or not you appreciated it in the moment. I look forward to celebrating these moments with you throughout the year.