Homecoming week 2021: Dress Up Days, Activities, and More!

Read all about this years homecoming week festivities and how you can get involved!


Happy Crusader Homecoming!

HOMECOMING! The pinnacle of school spirit and fun; the Crusaders are no different. From September 26 to the 30th we will be having our homecoming week. Contests, games, fun theme days, and a whole lot of fun is ahead of of us.

So, what are the themes of homecoming this year? 

Monday will be red, white, and the good ol’ blue. Show off all things patriotic and make our founding fathers proud! Tuesday will be much different than Monday. Tuesday is generation day! The freshman class is to dress up as babies, but you can’t wear diapers, have a pacifier, or a bottle. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be creative. Throw on your best and most comfortable onesie! The sophomore class will be dressing up as teenagers, which is fitting. Dress like you would as if you were going out with your friends or even a date. The juniors will be adults for the day, and with all the work they give us, we might as well be adults. So put on your big boy and girl pants and get ready for some adulting! The seniors will be…well, seniors! So seniors, get ready for some more gray hairs, but not from stress; and your canes, you’re going to need them. On Wednesday will feature a Hawaiian themed dress up day. Enjoy the calm and laid back vibes of Hawaii. Show us your best floral shirt, flower lay, and/or sunglasses! Make sure your shirt is colorful and bright, perfect for that sunny day by the water. Please keep in mind that no coconuts are allowed. Our final day is going to be topped off on Thursday through showing your neon class colors! Freshman will be neon yellow, looking like some bright safety jackets, and the sophomores will be neon orange. You might as well see these two grades helping direct the traffic in the hallways! The junior are to dress in neon green, just like that piece spearmint gum you keep in your backpack. Finally our beloved seniors are wearing neon pink. I bet Floyd would be very happy.

Each day the CN Blue and Gold will be holding a contest for the best dressed student of the day! If you would like to nominate someone, please DM @cnbluegold on Instagram with the students name plus a photo of their amazing costume prior to 3pm for that day. Voting will be held after 3pm on our Instagram stories daily. Winners will be announced on Instagram as well along with being featured in the a special article at the end of week! Students, make sure you dress to impress!

This week will also feature a variety of fun activities taking place both during and after school! On Monday, students are invited to help decorate the hallways after school. Show off your creative side! Students be prepared to bring your A game for the spikeball tournament from 2:20 to 4pm after school Tuesday where 16 teams will compete in single-elimination style. May the best team win! Please keep in mind that each grade must have a group of students ready to play. In the same manner, Wednesday will feature the corn hole tournament after school. Finally Thursday will be topped off with a side walk chalk painting contest during the lunches with students in teams of four. Shortly after, the juniors will be called for their Pep-Rally at 12:30 and the senior class after them at 1:24 in the gym. That evening from 4:45 to 6:20, food trucks and other fun outdoor activities will be held on campus near the band portable! The Homecoming football game will be held that evening at 7pm to top it all off where our varsity team will take on Suncoast High School. There, during halftime, the Homecoming court will be presented along with the crowning of the king and queen! We sure have got quite an eventful week ahead of us!

 We cannot wait for Monday to see everyone joining in on the fun. Remember, homecoming is exciting, so, join in! Dress up, get into it, join in on the competitions, and make sure to take lots of pictures. And remember, GO CRUSADERS!!!

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