Student Survey Presents: Senior Edition! “What are you most excited about?”



Welcome back to school Crusaders! Already, many of this year’s seniors are filled with
excitement, planning to have the most fun they can in their last year of high school. As the days
fly by, they get closer and closer to graduation, and subsequently have to prepare for a new and
unique stage in their lives. Many have been diligently working on college applications while
thinking of all the things they want to do when they’re finally out on their own in the big wide
world. Here are some things the Class of 2022 are excited about once they graduate.
● Audrey Lenz: I am most looking forward to college and having a job.
● Nicole Poulin: I’m excited to go to college to study my specific interests and live in a
different environment.
● Ismael Alvarez: Leaving
● Maria Navarro Torre: When I graduate I’m looking forward to having new freedoms as an
adult, studying what I love and doing everything possible to be successful and happy in
my life.
● Zachary Kaufman: College life and my eventual career
● Kiera Thompson: I’m most looking forward to meeting a lot of new people.
● Amanda Kondrath: I’m looking forward to making new friends and having more
independence and freedom.
● Bridget O’Neill: Living independently

● Madison Fiske: When I graduate high school, I look forward to making my own decisions
including what I am going to eat. I also cannot wait to choose what classes interest me
and the time I get to take them, instead of having a rotating schedule. I will also get to
pick out my own clothes which is really exciting! I anticipate that living on my own will be
completely different and I am thrilled. In reality I just look forward to freedom and
experiencing life on my own!
● Grace Donath: I am looking forward to going to college and becoming independent.
● Martin Gonzales: “Uh…I don’t know. Stop bugging me, I’m playing video games.”
A bright future lies ahead for each and every one of our dear seniors. We will surely miss them,
and we wish them all the best in whatever path they choose. May they forever treasure the
years they spent here in Cardinal Newman and take with them the lessons they learned.
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