2021 Back-to-School Week Recap/Festivities

Dive into this school year with positivity!

Recently, Cardinal Newman held its Back to School Week. During Back to School Week, students were welcomed back to a renovated campus. The student body celebrated its return to school for three days. 


On Monday, August 9th, Cardinal Newman faculty took some time to welcome its transfer students. These new students spent the day getting to know the campus and staff. There were signs placed throughout the campus to be sure that they did not get lost when finding their homeroom and classes. Here’s a walloping fact, we have had so many transfer students this year, every grade has a wait list of nearly fifty students. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is!


On Tuesday, August 10th, we successfully welcomed the class of 2025 for their first day of high school! On their first day, they received their schedules and their first taste of high school life. Congratulations to our incoming freshmen, I hope you all have a wonderful four years here at Newman. 


Wednesday, August 11th, was the first proper day of school; students from all four grade levels were integrated with one another. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors became acquainted with their classes. During this time, teachers explained the process of requesting a schedule change because, sadly, there were complications in some people’s scheduling. We thank our homeroom teachers for their patience as they walked us through the orientation process; they worked hard to acquaint us with Canvas, which replaced Moodle. 


With that being said, on behalf of the CN Blue and Gold Team, we hope that everyone has a fantastic year!