Crusaders Spring Break Plans


Written by: Diana Sentowski and Crede Janson

Spring break is known around the country to be one of the most popular vacation times for people of all ages. Many venture across the country, and some even cross oceans, to celebrate a break from their hectic lives. This week, Cardinal Newman Blue and Gold interviewed students and faculty on their spring break plans. 


Ella Pinsky: Going skiing.

Lanya Steal: Going skiing in Colorado.  

Andra Tylke: Going to the West Coast.

Payson: Going to the Florida Keys.  

Emily: Staying home and having a fun time with family and friends. 


Katie McCabe: Staying at home with her family. 

Josue Martinez: Going places and events with friends and family all week. 

Isabel Gonzalez: Just going to museums and a zoo. Other than that, just chilling at home.

Kendall Cosby: Going to North Carolina. 

Samantha Gilles: I’m driving all over Florida.


Amanda Kondrath: Hanging out with friends.

Madison Fiske: Hanging out with friends and enjoying the needed break.


Amanda Golson: Going to Georgia to see her brother play basketball. 

Victoria Hirsch: Relaxing at home. 

Isabella Fiorentino: Relaxing at home. 


Ms.Holesha: Painting, gardening, and playing with my dog. 

Mrs.Ryan: Going to Guam.

Mrs.Dasilva: Going to visit her daughter in Gainesville at UF. 

Mrs. Escalera: Chilling at home. 

Mrs.Flannery: Chilling at home with family as well. 


No matter your spring break destination, we hope you enjoy yourself and take time to relax, recharge, and have fun! 


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