It’s Time for Super Bowl 55 Crusaders!


It’s that time of the year Crusaders, it’s the Super Bowl!
The Super Bowl has become a tradition in most American homes. Usually during this time, friends and families get to sit down together and enjoy watching the big game. My personal favorite thing during the Super Bowl is the commercials.
This season and playoffs have been crazy and it’s all come down to two teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Over the past few weeks, the CN Blue and Gold have collected your predictions for the winner of Super Bowl LV. Here are the results that we have gathered.
● Kansas City: 55.2% (58 Picks)
● Tampa Bay: 34.3% (36 Picks)
● No Opinion/I Don’t Know: 10.5% (11 Picks)
● Patrick Mahomes: 81% (85 Picks)
● Tom Brady: 14.3% (15 Picks)
● Travis Kelce: 2.9% (3 Picks)
● Tyreek Hill: 1.8% (2 Picks)
Thank you for participating in this month’s Student Survey. Keep your eyes peeled for our next Student Survey. While you are here, you should probably check out the other articles from this month, we have so many talented writers that deserve attention.
Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Eat lots of snacks and enjoy the game. Be sure to stay safe and healthy!
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