Hallway Safety Amid COVID


This year, we have had many changes to what is considered ‘normal’ school routines.
COVID safety protocols have changed much of what we do in and out of school. One of these safety precautions that has been implemented into the school system is the use of markers on the sides of the hallways for students to stand on, and arrows to point which direction students should be walking.
Personally, I think the system we currently have is not ineffective, but simply inefficient. There have been many moments when I am walking through the halls and see clumps of students stuck in “people traffic” between the bridge and stairwell on the 400s floor. Also, the laminated arrows taped to the ground occasionally point in the same direction on both sides of the hallway. I think there is one very simple way to fix this situation.
First, instead of having arrows on the floors pointing the direction in which students should walk, I think there should just be a simple rule that states students should stay to the right when switching between classes in the halls. If on the occasion that the room a student is trying to enter is not open, the students can cycle around the hall in a sort of oval path. This system is both efficient and can give students exercise, as well as solves the problem of traffic clumping and student’s confusion.