Are Crusaders Sleep Deprived?


Are Crusaders Sleep Deprived?
Sleep Deprivation has very harmful effects on students. It could lead to complications in school as well as on your brain. In these special interviews, CN Blue and Gold had the opportunity to understand some of the various impacts of sleep deprivation and learn how to assess these situations.
Interview Questions: Teachers Teachers Interviewed
Mrs. Ryan,​ ​Ms. Desilva,​ and ​Mrs. Escalera
1. What are your personal experiences with your students involving sleep deprivation?
● They don’t pay attention, they sleep and shut down.
● Every class I see at least 2 students who sleep and I just want to help them and hug them.
● Students when sleep deprived tend to sleep in class.
2. How did sleep deprivation affect their ability to function or learn in your
● The processing is next to nothing.
● 100 percent, in my Econ class especially, but for history their fine. There’s a lot in Econ
and if they don’t get it they fail. Concentration is key.
● Same thing, not focusing.

3. Have you yourself suffered from sleep deprivation?
● Yes.
● Yes, in college.
● Yes.
4. If so, how have you changed your habits or schedule to adapt to a healthy sleep
● I make sure I eat a clean diet, exercise, drink water, and go to bed and wake up at the same time.
● Of course. But it changed after college when I fixed it and recovered .
● I try to get to bed earlier.
Interview Questions: Students Students Interviewed
Alessia Prenda, ​ ​Isabel Gonzales, ​and ​Victoria Hirsch
1. Have you yourself suffered from sleep deprivation?
● Yes
● Yes, I have, especially on days when there are a lot of quizzes and tests to study for. I
often find myself staying up late to get everything done, and sometimes I even wake up early to continue working. I know a lot of people in my class have it worse though. The latest I get to bed is between 10-11 pm, but I know some who stay as late as 1-2 am.
● Yes, I have suffered from sleep deprivation .

2. Have you ever noticed a change in your ability to function in school or sports due to sleep deprivation?
● Yes, usually when I get 5 or less hours of sleep.
● Yes, definitely. My attention especially is affected by sleep deprivation as I have a lot of
trouble focusing in class for long periods of time. I often get distracted or spaced out, and
that leads to missing important information in the teachers’ lectures.
● Yes, I have noticed a change in my ability to function in school and in sports because of sleep deprivation.
3. How has sleep deprivation affected your overall mood?
● It can make me feel really detached and I start to zone out a lot, so my emotions are usually duller. I feel far less lively than usual and I can get irritated more easily.
● It puts me in an extremely bad mood, and I tend to be easily annoyed by little things. I seem to be more frustrated by everything when I have not been sleeping well. In addition, it also makes me very stressed. I already have pretty bad anxiety, and lack of sleep only adds to that uncomfortable uneasiness.
● ​Sleep deprivation has caused my mood to be more negative.
4. How have you changed your habits or schedule to adapt to a healthy sleep pattern?
● The days when I go to sleep late are usually when I have a lot of homework, so I try to set
up a to do list of homework for the week. This helps because then I know how much I need to get done that day without overdoing it. I try my best to go to sleep by midnight the latest on weekdays.
● I have been trying my best to get my work done as quickly and as early as possible. Once I get an assignment, I make a plan about when I will get it done. Having a planner and

calendar helps keep me organized about the due dates of all my work. I try to keep track of the time, and I plan out how long I’ll take on each assignment to make sure I’m being as productive as possible. I try my best not to waste time so I don’t have to end up staying up late.
● I have not been able to change my habits. Since my schedule is so demanding, I cannot maintain a healthy sleep pattern.
Overall sleep deprivation is something that both students and teachers have in common and deal with on a daily basis. Sleep deprivation is a major problem within our society and creates an environment virtually impossible to learn in. Our conclusion is that even though a teacher or a student may seem attentive they could be dealing with sleep deprivation. We ask that if you know someone who suffers from sleep deprivation, remind them that a good diet and good nights rest will help them significantly. The Cardinal Newman Blue and Gold urges and advises every student to acknowledge the effects of sleep deprivation and implement proper sleep habits.