The Cardinal Newman House System – “Let the games begin!”

The Cardinal Newman House System - “Let the games begin!”

After months of planning, Cardinal Newman High School is proud to present the House System!
Largely the brainchild of Mr. Higgins and Mr. Smith, the House System divides the school into 4 houses. The Houses each have their own unique leadership opportunities, objectives, virtues, reward systems, and systems of support. Each house has two leaders, a male and a female. Each house is composed of 25% of the student population, with a mixture of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The houses and their two faculty leaders are:
● Templars: Deacon Dube (305) and Mr. Reep (Campus Ministry)
● Knights of Jerusalem: Mrs. Byrne (213) and Coach Burac (207A)
●Hospitallers: Mr. Higgins (205) and Mr. Smith (202)
● The House of Lazarus: Mrs. Olesen (106) and Mr. Bayardelle (Band Portable)
If you have any questions, please see one of your house leaders. Classrooms are listed above next to the name of each leader.
The founders of the Houses are a couple of students from the class of 2021. Founders are Donald Webster, Guillermo Acero, and Nick Panozzo. The goal of the House system is to win the House Cup at the end of the year. Teachers or a staff member can add points to each house as well as deduct points. Each house can earn individual

points. There will be plenty of ways to showcase your House Spirit throughout the year, as there will be lots of events and competitions between the Houses. Just this week, the Food Drive Competition was completed and the Chess Tournament resulted in a tie between the Hospitallers and Lazarus. We are very excited to start the battles between the houses and earn points. GO CRUSADERS!
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