“Oh it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” In November?


The month of November marks a shift in “seasons”; the breeze picks up (the floridian equivalent of a snowy day), Hallmark begins to stream their cycle of Christmas movies, and people begin to decorate their homes with trees. Despite the growing festive attitude, one can not help but think, “Is this too early?” And by the time the 25th of December rolls around, the haunting choruses of Christmas songs becomes a new adversary. The starting of Christmas celebrations in November is too early; rather than starting in the first week of November, Christmas lovers should begin their decorating following Thanksgiving.
In the month of November, there are those who purposely seek out the Christmas stations, and those who turn on Sunny 107.9 to listen to their favorite songs, only to end up hearing “White Christmas.” This year, Christmas has become a bright light in what is the middle of a worsening pandemic. Leading up to the peak of Christmas, one should participate in mask wearing and social distancing, including when surrounded by friends and family. Through following proper COVID procedures, holiday traditions can continue throughout December.
The annual appearance of Christmas trees before Thanksgiving has continued in 2020. The search for a festive event can be met with Thanksgiving, rather than Christmas. By starting the celebration of Christmas early, the holiday is being hindered as the 25th looms closer.
One could argue that the spirit of Christmas can last through both November and December. The growing mass of songs and movies supply an amount of festive content that is incomparable to other, high-ranking holidays. The songs offer a new “genre” to entertain after the eleven months spent listening to the same saved stations. However, to some, the urge to

avoid most Christmas festivities becomes present following the celebrations christmas day, a result of the holiday’s early start.