Student Survey Presents: Crusader Halloween Festivities


Happy Halloween, Crusaders! At Cardinal Newman, we love to celebrate this fun holiday. As you walk down the hallways this week, you’ll see elaborate decorations lining the walls, ceilings, and stairwells. In case you didn’t know, each grade level has its own designated hallway for our competitive decorating:
● Sophomores – 100s
● Seniors – 200s
● Freshmen – 300s
● Juniors – 400s
While your ghoulish plans might look a little bit different this year due to COVID restrictions, we hope our additional Student Survey helped lighten the mood and put you in the Halloween spirit. This week, we asked,

“Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, what’s your costume? (If not, what would you dress up as if things were different?)”

Here are some of our favorite responses:
● Cruella De Vil – Elena Prada (12)
● The Karate Kid – Casey Butler (12)
● A disco girl – Diana Sentowski (10)
● A basketball player – Bradley Hernandez (12)
● A soccer player – Henry Uible (10)
● A football player – Alex Grande (9) and James Smeenge (9)
● A Mouse/Karen Smith from Mean Girls – Romina Mingenti (10)
● Jason – Justin Martinez (10)
● A firefighter – Jack Keogh (11)
● A cowgirl – Dani Mischke (9)

● A cowboy – Christian Banks (12)
● A clown – Aiden Mccurry (9) and Sabino Perez-Vicente (9)
● Cobra Kai – Egan Mendia (12)
● A sumo wrestler – Jaydin Archer (9)
● An astronaut from Among Us – Marcella Cantando (11) and Nikolaos Sarantidis
We always appreciate everyone’s answers, but some of them are too funny not to showcase. Here are the top 3 funniest responses:
1st -Ben Kondrath (9) and Cade Randolph (9) – Hazmat Suit
2nd – Riley Snow (10) – Dr. Doofenshmirtz
3rd -Jacob Ochstein (12) – Cake… yes. Just cake.
Thanks so much for your continued support and enthusiasm! We’re so happy to know that you guys enjoy these as much as we do, and we hope that they make these hard times a little easier.
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