Student Surveys Presents: “If You Could Have the Answer to Any One Question, What Would it Be?”


Happy Fall, Crusaders! 

Welcome back to Student Surveys, CN Blue & Gold’s series dedicated to all of you! In case you don’t know, each month we choose a question to ask students at lunch over the course of a week or so and share your answers in an article. Last month we learned that The Office is the most popular TV show among the student body at Cardinal Newman. 2020 has been a wild year and it’s left people with a lot of questions; while we may not have the answers, we can definitely relate. For the September Student Survey, we asked, “If you could have the answer to any one question, what would it be?” Here are some of our favorite responses: 

  • What is the meaning of life? -Martin Mennes (10th grade) and Gianna DeSanti (9th grade) 
  • When will quarantine end? -Louise Collet (12th grade), Grant Straub (10th grade), and Olivia Wagner (9th grade) 
  • Why do bad things happen to good people? -Amanda Golson (12th grade) ● What am I meant to do in life? -Mitchell Shaw (11th grade) and John Paul Condic (11th grade) 
  • Do aliens exist? -Gabby Faber (12th grade) 
  • What happens when we die? -Alexia Keough (9th grade), Christopher Dougherty (9th grade), and Sandra Perez-Vicente (12th grade) 
  • How can I get straight A’s? -Karla Rodriguez (11th grade) 
  • Why don’t they cast more realistic looking actresses in Hollywood? -Bear Brimlow (9th grade) 
  • Why is school required by law? -Ty Pfendler (9th grade) 
  • How accurate is the current translation of the Bible? -Elena Prada (12th grade) and Peter Heidelbauer (11th grade) 

We really appreciate your participation this month, and while there are many serious responses, jokes are also pretty common and we want to showcase the top 3 funniest answers for this month’s student survey: 

– 1st place goes to Olivia Gish (12th grade), What’s Obama’s last name? – 2nd place goes to Christell Mentor (12th grade), Why do we have to pay for forks here? 

– 3rd place goes to Walker Lewis (11th grade), Is Ohio part of the US? 

Thanks so much for taking part in the September Student Survey, make sure to check back in next month to see if your October answer is featured! Feel free to send suggestions on instagram: @cnbluegold