Student Survey’s Presents: “Which TV show helped you get through quarantine the best?”

Survey says…..


Hey Crusaders! Welcome to our first Student Survey, a new type of article that showcases all of you! In these surveys, members of CN Blue and Gold designate a topic of interest and a related question to ask students at lunch. For this survey, we asked what show you watched the most this summer and tallied up the results to form the three most popular answers. We’ve included shows that air on cable as well as shows streamed on Netflix and Hulu. Let’s find out what you all decided the best TV shows are! 

        The results are in!

                  TOP 3!

  1. The Office (12 votes)

  2. Avatar the Last Airbender (11 votes)

  3. Outer Banks (10 votes)

Other than the top three, some popular shows included Criminal Minds, Friends, Euphoria, and Grey’s Anatomy, which all received 5 votes placing them at a tie for fourth place. The Umbrella Academy and Vampire Diaries were also popular, each receiving 4 votes. Other shows included Teen Wolf (3 votes) and animes such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (4 votes), Haikyuu!! (1 vote) and Naruto (1 vote). Cartoons like Star Wars: Clone Wars (3 votes), Spongebob (2 votes), Family Guy (1 vote), and Rick and Morty (1 vote) were also mentioned. While your choice may have been left out of this article due to a lack of votes, we encourage individuality and appreciate your input. It’s clear that at Cardinal Newman, student taste varies greatly, that’s exactly why we take Student Surveys!

  A big thank you to all who participated in this Student Survey! We plan to make this sort of thing a regular aspect of our newspaper so please check in often to see if we’ve made a new one. At CN Blue and Gold, we value the voices of all students at Cardinal Newman Highschool; let us know about any ideas you have for the next Student Survey on our instagram polls. Stay safe everyone. 

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