Bye Bye Birdie Virtual Showcase: How the Cast Adapts to COVID-19 Regualtions


Cardinal Newman’s Drama school play production, Bye, Bye, Birdie, had to be put on hold due to the pandemic, but there has been word that there will be an online showcase via Zoom for students and their families to watch at the start of June! The Drama team has worked hard to put on this play but now that it won’t happen the traditional way, they have come up with a way to do the production and have fun once again! The principal characters would be able to sing one of their songs from the show and perform it over a Zoom call! The ensemble will also be able to perform a group song from the show! The drama club is very excited for this showcase to happen and for people to see what they have been working on for months and what they have in store! We hope to see you there!