House Stimulus Package Effect on Florida


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown of the US economy, Democrats from the House of Representatives introduced a 5th stimulus bill to put money back into the economy. The money is supposed to help people across the country as the US lost an estimated 20.5 million jobs, which puts unemployment at 14.7%. The Senate is to vote on the bill in the next week.
For Florida, this stimulus package according to the Democrats means better health coverage and tax credits, financialsupport for the unemployed and schools, and money for Medicaid, public transportation and infrastructure, the Postal Service, medical and essential workers. The bill would also require the wearing of masks on public transport systems and the ability for people to mail their votes for the upcoming November presidential election and subsequent federal elections.
This bill has become a point of controversy. Both sides claim the other is trying to pass irrelevant or inappropriate things. Earlier bills had been passed by bipartisan efforts. This time, however, this bill was drawn up only by House Democrats, led by California Representative, Nancy Pelosi. Neither side expects the bill to get past the Republican-held Senate. Democrats claim that people are suffering and need this money now, while Republicans claim that the United States cannot afford to spend more money unless absolutely necessary. The United States is already deep in debt and Republicans want to see how previous stimulus packages are working before passing another.