Movie Review—Mulan



Disney’s 1998 “Mulan” is a movie that everyone seems to admire for its catchy songs and female empowerment. Disney is now creating a modern, live-action version of the original “Mulan” coming March 27, 2020 to your local theater. This modern version of “Mulan” may not be as good as the original because it inherently removes aspects that make the original iconic, detracting from the theme of Mulan. When I would watch Mulan, it would make me feel excited and happy because of its incredible songs, characters that you would not see in real life such as the dragon that assists Mulan, and the animation. The new live-action movie threatens to remove these imaginative elements. The live-action “Mulan” will take away the originality, theme, and excitement that makes the original “Mulan” iconic.