Girls Golf Sees Incredible Season


The Varsity Girls Golf Team had an amazing golf season this Fall 2019. With nine-hole matches at
Bear Lakes, the Breakers, Turtle Creek, Winston Trails, and Jonathans Landing, the girls
successfully swung their way to victory, winning 5 matches out of 7.

The two seniors, Frances Melendez Rodriguez and Allison Allianic, had a great last golf season.
The two have been on the team since freshman year, and have made lasting friendships and
memories over the four years. The girls even got to meet number one PGA Tour Player and
Cardinal Newman alumni Brooks Keopka after a nine-hole match at their home course Bear
Lakes this past season. It was an unforgettable experience.

The girls also had an impressive season. Both Frances and Allison won the majority of their nine
hole matches individually, shooting in the 30s and 40s.

“Honestly this season was pretty great!”, said Frances Melandez Rodriguez, who went to states
sophomore year. “It was nice having a small team. I am sad that this was my senior season. I
have so many memories from the past four years with everybody and I really enjoyed it! The
team has definitely come a long way.”

Mrs. Hale and the remaining members are building their team for next season and are looking
forward to the future of Cardinal Newman’s Girls Golf Team.

“The team has definitely come a long way. We have came together and made a difficult situation
possible and this year probably showed it the most because we only had Allison and I able to
play,” said Frances. “Strength and perseverance doesn’t necessarily come in numbers, but by
the people that help you overcome the obstacles!”