Student Spotlight—Christopher Kaczwara

Student Life Editor Chloe Colbert sat down with Senior Chris Kaczwara to discuss the commitment process, what schools Chris is thinking of committing to, and how he has gotten to this point in his life.

CN Blue & Gold: Why do you want to play football in college?

Chris: I want to play football in college so that I can get an education and eventually a good job.

CN Blue & Gold: What is the number one school you want to play for and why?

Chris: The number one school I want to play for would probably be Tulane because they have a really good architecture program and it’s down South, so I wouldn’t be out of my element too much. 

CN Blue & Gold: What is the committing process like and what are you doing right now to prepare for it?

Chris: I am getting all of my game film together to send off to schools and I am making sure that my GPA is as high as possible, so that they will have all available information to recruit me.

CN Blue and Gold: How has Cardinal Newman prepared you for a football career?

Chris: Coach Molina has got us all on the right path, making sure that we have everything squared away in our daily lives on and off the football field. This preparation will prove extremely important when we are struggling in college and we need that extra push.

CN Blue & Gold: What advice would you give to any current Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior who is considering going through the commitment process in the next few years.

Chris: The advice I would give to them is this: be patient. Everything will come to you with time; just keep putting in the work, and you’ll get what you deserve.