CN Rock Band Slays the Stage


Christopher Mee

Michael Anzivino, Padraig Mee, and Amy Guzman attend Rock Band practice.

The new Cardinal Newman Rock Band wowed everyone with their sound and energy at Friday night’s football game where Crusaders won 34-31 against Park Vista Community High School. The band includes Padraig Mee on bass guitar, Michael Anzivino on electric guitar, and Amy Guzman on drums.

CN Blue & Gold: When did you first start playing your instrument?

Padraig: I first started playing bass guitar in January of 2017. I liked the sound it delivers in all genrespadraig:  of music.”

Amy: I’ve been playing the drums since I was 5 years old.

Michael: I first started playing over two years ago when I joined the School of Rock.

CN Blue & Gold: How often do you practice together?

Michael: We only practiced three times together before the first show at the football game. We will continue to practice and expand on our songs for our future performances.

CN Blue & Gold: What’s your favorite song to perform and why?

Padraig: For me it’s Savor by Santana because it gives all of us the flexibility to jam out and solo, Michael and Amy do a really good job at soloing and making it sound fantastic.

Michael: Definitely Savor by Santana. We just take the main rhythm part from the song and improvise a ton over it. It is so fun for us all to be able to solo and jam out.

CN Blue & Gold: What other events will you be performing at?

Amy: We do not have a set schedule yet, but it would be super fun if we played at the pep rallies for the whole student body and the future football games.

CN Blue & Gold: Which famous musicians do you look up to? Why?

Padraig: I really look up to the bassist of Vulfpeck, Joe Dart. His groove and vibe makes performances really exciting to watch.

Amy: A famous musician that I look up to would definitely be Ginger Baker because I love the way he creates rhythms and he is just a real beast.

Michael: Musicians that I look up to would include Covet, Polyphia, Gojira, Deafheaven, Sianvar, The Contortionist, Dance Gavin Dance, Deftones, Oathbreaker, Panopticon and many more like that.

CN Blue & Gold: What are you most looking forward to with the band?

Padraig and Michael: I’m looking forward to playing more songs at more games to provide a positive and entertaining environment.

Amy: I’m looking forward to grow as a rock band, learn new songs but most of all, I am looking forward to having an awesome time!