The CN Blue & Gold Declassified Spirit Week Survival Guide

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For many students, spirit week is one of the most exciting weeks of your high school experience; a week jam-packed with fun themes, class spirit, and events. Spirit week also presents great fashion challenges and some confusion. Luckily, the CN Blue & Gold has you covered with a day-by-day analysis of the different themes and the best tips and tricks for surviving the 2019 spirit week

Tuesday—Pajama Day

Today, all students are allowed to be cozy and comfy by wearing their pajamas to school. For this day, wear your favorite pair of pajamas, or simply roll right out of bed! You could even wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Make sure not wear a hoodie though. If you would like to be more creative, then footie pajamas would be a great pick. Walmart or target always has the coolest, funniest, and most creative footie pajamas.

Wednesday—Generations Day

Today, students will represent the different generations: Freshman as babies, Sophomores as grade school students, Juniors as working class/professionals, and Seniors as senior citizens.

Freshman should look for a vibrant onesie. You can find an adult-sized onesie at your local department store. A onesie with footies makes the perfect baby costume. Try cartoonish patterns such as polka-dot or striped dresses. Complementary accessories include bows, baby rattles, baby bottles, and a pair of brightly colored fuzzy socks. Be sure not to wear inappropriate dress or diapers.

Sophomores should channel their inner child by wearing a comfortable pair of Mary Janes or a graphic T-shirt with a cool design. A classic denim jacket, bomber jacket, or skirt can be customized with patches. A pair of jeans will complement the outfit.

Juniors should look no further than their parents for inspiration. Try revolving your attire around a specific career. Be sure to wear neutral colors and conservative footwear. Try a blazer, v-neck sweater, or classic striped Oxford-style shirt. Avoid extremely bright colors and graphic T-shirts.

Seniors should choose clothing that looks worn. Try a comfortable, simple shirt or a sweater that looks hand-knit. Shirts in a muted color or ones with a design including flowers, animals, or other delicate patterns on the chest will enhance the look. Be sure to wear anything that looks more like pajamas. Complementary accessories include a scarf around the shoulders and glasses. Find an oversized knit sweater or cardigan to wear over the rest of your outfit. Avoid contemporary styles.

Thursday—Meme Day

Today, all students are permitted to wear meme-related attire. This is the time to show off your knowledge of the internet! Some of the most popular memes include the Rickroll, Grumpy Cat, Gangnam Style, Doge, The ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and The Dress. A glob of hair gel and a black coat can transform anyone into Rick Astley for the Rickroll meme. A pair of sunglasses and a black bow tie can transform anyone into Psy for the Gangnam Style meme.

If you like classic memes from the 2000s, A wig and a shirt can transform you into Bad Luck Brian. More modern memes that you can easily pull off include Ugandan Knuckles, Ben Shapiro, Fortnite, Vine and Tik Tok memes. With a simple trip to Walmart you can be any Tik Tok meme that you can imagine. Using a cheap suit and tie can transform you into Dr. Phil, Ben Shapiro and Obunga.

Students can prepare ahead of time by ordering meme t-shirts for standard memes or by preparing elaborate costumes. No matter if you have a simple t shirt or a full on costume, today is going to be full of laughs!

Make sure to bring your class spirit today because there will be a basketball game during G period. First, the Juniors will go against the Freshmen. Second, the Seniors will go against the Sophomores. The winning team from each will compete in a final third round. Each round is budgeted roughly 10-12 minutes. The admittance fee is $2. Failing to pay the admittance fee will result in a study hall with Ms. Bernard.

Friday—Color Day

Today, all classes get to don the classic school colors: blue and gold. Juniors and freshman are permitted to wear blue while sophomores and seniors are permitted to wear gold. Aside from gold attire, those wearing gold should consider wearing shiny gold necklaces of belts. Use the colors available to your advantage!

A pep rally is planned for A period of this day. Be prepared to make some noise, because a drum-off between Amy Guzman and Anthony Velardo is expected to take place, according to John Daniell, SGA moderator.